• 15 Nov

    Using Micropiles for Denver Area Concrete & Construction Projects

    Micropiles are drilled and grouted replacement piles designed to transfer high-capacity load to a more stable subsurface strata. They are a small diameter ( Less Than 300 mm ) replacement, drilled pile composed of placed or injected grout, around a steel reinforced center bar that is more than capable of accommodating every design load engineered specification.

    Micropiles can be used on residential and commercial structural repairs, foundation repairs as well as new installations of foundations and structures. Micropiles are capable of withstanding significant axial loads as well as moderate lateral loads. Micropiles are the perfect choice for almost all new installations and structural, foundation repairs, because they also cause minimal to no disturbance to the adjacent soils and structures.

    Uses of Micropiles

    • Foundation Repairs
    • Structural Repairs
    • Seismic Retrofitting
    • Support of Structures During Excavation, Tunneling and Dewatering
    • Alternative to Traditional Underpinning Methods

    Benefits of Micropiles

    • Versatile process can be used in any ground condition, obstruction, incline or foundation
    • Minimal vibration to foundation and subsoil
    • Connection to existing and new structure is economical and simple
    • Operations can be maintained by facility during construction

    Alpine Companies also supplies all the engineering needed for your micropile projects. Give Alpine Companies a call today at 303-797-8908 for a free estimate on your next micropile project. Or, click here to contact us via email.

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