Mudjacking Denver

September 17, 2010

Mudjacking Denver

Mudjacking sinking or sunken concrete in Denver is done by pumping  water, clean sand and cement mixed together to form a slurry which is pumped under concrete driveways patios sidewalks, front entries, and interior floors in your home to raise the concrete back to its original level. Mudjacking can also be used for raising settling foundations, as well as compaction grouting which is used to stabilize the soils under your homes foundation as well as exterior concrete.

Most problems with concrete sinking in Denver is from our extremely expansive soils and dirt fill not being compacted, which will cause the concrete in and around your home to settle as time goes by, and will create trip hazards from unlevel concrete and problems with your homes foundation.

After a careful inspection of your concrete problems we’ll drill small holes in the sunken areas of the concrete that needs to be raised, and the slurry we mentioned above is pumped into the strategically drilled holes with high pressure hoses that will fill all the voids in the dirt under the concrete, and this raises the sunken areas of concrete slabs hydraulically to the original height, and the holes the holes we drilled are filled with concrete to match your existing concrete as closely as possible.

No-one has more experience Mudjacking in Denver than the Alpine Companies, we’ve been Mudjacking concrete for over 40 years and our work is guaranteed, and much less expensive than tearing out and replacing existing concrete, and takes a fraction of the time to complete, and you can use your concrete the same day we perform the Mudjacking anywhere around your home.

We hope you like our new blog here at the Alpine Companies website and we welcome any and all questions about Mudjacking in Denver as well as Foundation repairs. Please leave any questions and we’ll answer them and call you right away. We want this to be the best Forum for all of your home repairs and we’ll be adding new articles here every week. Thanks again for stopping by and please call us anytime at 303.797.8908 in Denver.

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