Picking Paint Colors for Your Home's Interior Painting

June 25, 2011

Picking Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interior Painting

Choosing a color to paint your interior walls can be a daunting task. There are so many options! Sometimes is easier to pick a neutral like tan or gray than to put a color on the wall that you thought looked so good on the swatch, but then thought was hideous once you were surrounded by it in your living room.

So how can be assured you will pick the “right” color for your walls? Here are some tips to help you pick a paint color you will love!

interior painting denverUse a color found in the largest patterned item in your room. Your large rug, couch or even wall hanging can be the inspiration of the paint color for of your room. You don’t necessarily have to use the “exact” color either. You may want use a darker or lighter version of the color. For neutral colored walls, look to the white, gray or beige areas of your focal point for color choices.

Use colors you love! If the focal object you are using for inspiration in your room has yellow and green in it, and you hate yellow, choose green. Although you loathe the color yellow, you can probably live with in a rug but you will hate the yellow on the walls. And, if the colors in your focal object are not really your favorites, you may want to consider getting a new focal point in your room.

When deciding on the value of the color you have chosen (light blue or dark blue for example) consider that spaces look best when the color values are darker on the floors and progressively get light as you move to the ceiling. Dark floors go well with medium value walls colors and light ceilings. If your floor is a lighter value, you will want to go lighter on the walls and even lighter on the ceiling.

If you are considering using multiple colors for your rooms, consult the color wheel. Start by finding your first chosen color on the wheel (the one you picked from you patterned item in the room) and then work around the color wheel until you find inspiration. Color opposite from each other on the wheel (complimentary) will create drama. Colors next to each other (analogous) will create a more casual, relaxing feel.

Be yourself and don’t feel you need to follow the “trends” in interior design. If love purple and can make your room work with purple walls, then paint them purple, even if teal, brown, yellow and red are all the rage in interior design. It is your room and you have to live in it everyday.

In case you do want to paint your room in the most popular colors of today, HGTV.com says the following colors are most popular on their website:

  • Soft yellow
  • Bright pink
  • Cool gray
  • Sea foam green
  • Rich, deep brown

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