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Project: Bob Penkhus Auto Dealership

penkus-auto-denverAfter seeking many bids the Penkhus Family felt Alpine Companies was the compaction grouting company for them.

The commercial building is utilized as an automotive showroom service center. Review of satellite imagery revealed the commercial building is compartmentalized into four distinct attached buildings/additions. The reported slab damage is located at the southeast corner of the service center. The East service center is a one story steel building with concrete masonry unit {CMU} walls. The floor in question was constructed as a concrete slab on grade. The test holes drilled showed the concrete slab to be 6-8 inches thick. The area of slab which has displaced downward extended from the Southeast corner of the East service center 12′-9″ along the East wall and 21′-5″ along the South wall. We also removed the vehicle lift that was mounted here before the concrete compaction grouting began.

Alpine companies mobilized all the equipment on site and chose to do a combination of deep soil compaction grouting, along with our mud jacking process. After 2 days the project was a complete success. All the sub-soil was stabilized and the slabs were raised back to their original elevations.

Call Alpine Companies today for all your residential and commercial soil stabilization/compaction grouting services.

Alpine’s Compaction Grouting Services


Alpine Companies specialized limited access equipment like the one shown above, is the perfect tool for our interior and exterior compaction grouting prices. The excavation needed to complete the process of resistance piers, push piers, helical or helix piers is extremely messy and expensive. Alpine Companies’ Compaction Grouting Process is more affordable, with virtually no mess, and we can complete it in less than half the time. Our compaction grouting is perfect for foundation repair, structural damage and repair, deep soil stabilization, re-leveling residential and commercial concrete, signs, landmarks, silos, asphalt, highways, roadways, monolithic concrete pads and so much more.

Compaction Grouting in Denver is done by only a handful of experienced companies, and is used for the stabilization of sub soils, by increasing soil density, and filling voids in the ground underneath your homes foundation or any structure to allow for effective foundation repairs. Alpine Companies has completed thousands of compaction grouting projects here in Denver, and we look forward to helping you with yours today.

Denver’s extreme soils expand with moisture and contract during the dry times. Negative drainage, poor downspouts and pooling water, will eventually cause your foundation to fail. Compaction grouting is accomplished by pre-drilling the soil and installing a steel sleeve in predetermined places, and to predetermined depths, after a very careful inspection by an experienced Alpine professional is complete. Alpine injects a thick cement based slurry under an extreme amount of pressure into the ground to form compaction “bulbs” that compact loose sub soil, and fill the voids in the earth under the structure we are stabilizing or re-leveling.

Your homes’ foundation can be raised back to the proper level only after the ground underneath the home has been stabilized. If you were to try this before the compaction grouting of the sub soils, the home would settle and sink again after a short period of time because of the weak soils that were not compacted first.

Compaction Grouting can control the settlement of foundations on existing homes; stabilize sub soils that are determined to be weak before beginning construction on a new home or structure, and lifting existing foundations that have settled.


Alpine Companies guarantees the highest quality compaction grouting for your Denver home or business at the best possible price!


Bridge slab and compaction grouting project for the state of Colorado. When professionalism and experience counts, homeowners, numerous cities and the state of Colorado know who to call. Alpine Companies has completed hundreds of commercial projects over the past 4 generations, here in Colorado.

  • Trip spots
  • Joints and cracks
  • Sidewalks
  • Porches and patios
  • Driveways and garage floors
  • Columns and walls
  • Enclosed porches, patios and room additions
  • Sun rooms
  • Basement floors
  • Family rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Pressure grouting
  • Compaction grouting
  • Sub soil compaction
  • Buildings and structures
  • Airport hangers and runways
  • Dams, spillways and water aprons
  • Highways and bridges
  • Gutters and drainage systems
  • Pavement and asphalt
  • Warehouses
  • Sink holes and water erosion
  • Interior machine and equipment
  • Floors
  • Casinos

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